Student Discipline & Title IX Litigation

While allegations of sexual assault involving issues of consent and use of drugs and alcohol on college campuses are most prevalent, students are being subjected to disciplinary matters initiated by educational institutions more and more.

We represent students in the college setting, as well as cases at K-12 educational institutions, typically involving allegations that the student is a threat to others. We will work with the institution to ensure the student’s rights are protected and for a sensible resolution, but when necessary, we aggressively litigate these cases, recognizing the impact any finding of misconduct has on a student’s future.

Representative Cases

  • Representation of a student accused of engaging in sexual conduct with another student without her consent. The matter was tried before the University Hearing Board, which unanimously concluded that no misconduct had occurred
  • Represented high school student in expulsion proceedings due to allegations of selling illegal drugs. Obtained reduction of sanction from expulsion to suspension, allowing student to complete high school career
  • Represented university student in Office of Student Life investigation concerning allegations of sexual assault; presented evidence and information resulting in accusations being deemed unfounded and dismissal of inquiry
  • Represented Division 1 student athlete against charges by Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Negotiated resolution of discipline charges with no finding of false statements, and negotiated favorable resolution of athletic eligibility issues
  • Represented university student in parallel investigations by Dean of Students, city police and national fraternity organization concerning allegations of sexual assault; presented evidence and information resulting in clearing and closure of all investigations
  • Defended student charged with making threats against expulsion sanction and related criminal matter. Obtained dismissal of criminal charge and negotiated resolution of transfer to different public school, without any admission of misconduct
  • Representation of a student accused of sexual misconduct with another student who could not consent due to her intoxication. The matter was resolved by negotiation, with no finding of sexual misconduct
  • Represented middle school student accused of fighting and bullying. Obtained reduction of suspension and facilitated transfer of student to another school district
  • Represented university professor in Provost’s Office investigation concerning accusations by student of inappropriate sexual relationship; presented evidence and information resulting in dismissal of matter
  • Multiple successful representations of university students in Dean of Students/Office of Student Life concerning alleged violations of Honor Code various parallel with state criminal prosecutions for various alleged offenses including theft, assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage and drug and alcohol violations
  • Multiple successful representations of middle and high schools students in suspension/disciplinary proceedings parallel with city or state prosecutions for various alleged offenses including assault, criminal damage, indecent exposure, threatening, weapons violations and drug and alcohol violations

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