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Mitchell | Stein | Carey | Chapman handles the full range of criminal, regulatory and licensing cases. Our approach in every case is to achieve the best possible result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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The firm’s attorneys are highly successful and well-respected trial lawyers with proven track records.

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We are proud of the recognition we have received from our peers and clients.

“Commentators praise Barry Mitchell as ‘a top-notch lawyer – one of the best in Phoenix for what he does.’ He is a highly experienced trial lawyer who represents individuals and corporations in a range of criminal defense cases. He has further savvy relating to administrative and regulatory-related cases.”

“Lee Stein is lauded as having an ‘outstanding white-collar criminal practice’ by market commentators. Clients add that he is a ‘very sharp and smart person, and he’s also very approachable and personable.’”

“Flynn separates himself from the pack with his vast knowledge, experience, and true dedication to his craft.”

“Anne Chapman is described by sources as ‘brilliant – the client is lucky to have her on the team.’ Clients add that she provides ‘excellent attention to detail and good judgment on seeking realistic outcomes for clients.’”

“The team at Mitchell | Stein | Carey is exceptional at making a client feel protected.  In every instance, they have treated me in a professional manner and given me great comfort that they are all working together to protect my best interests.”

“They are the very best.  If you talk to anyone in town about their experience in white-collar, corporate defense work, everyone will tell you to use MSC.”

“These guys are gaining a heck of a reputation here in town, they’re all very well respected and continue to attract additional high-quality people. They’re top-notch!”

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